Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And the Winner is...

The title of my new blog about blogging is Blog Sutras and the URL is www.blogsutras.blogspot.com. Of course since you are reading this here, you already know that :)... i have just copy pasted this from our other blog Sounds Interesting...

The easiest way to have found it, would have been to simply go into my profile... it shows all the blogs that i am currently contributing to... (Almost all of them are test sites :))... Or you could have searched with google

Now, if you read my original post about the competition it says: "... You have to figure out the name... if you get to the blog and leave some comments on it before Monday morning 10:30 AM India time..."

Note the plural on the comments! I know it's cheeky :), but i myself left 2 comments there as a hint :)...

Though I have 50+ comments there, only the few who left more than 1 comment qualify for the surprise prize :)

Here are the 6 people who qualify: Richa, Kola, Now What???, Ajay, Jyuthika and Monica

Here is the way i am going to choose the winner:

Give numbers to the people who qualify:

1. Richa, 2. Kola, 3. Now What???, 4. Ajay, 5. Jyuthika and 6. Monica

Goto Research Randomiser and ask it to randomize numbers between 1 and 6... finally the winner is the person whose number turns up first in the list generated by the randomizer:

and the winner is:


Congratulations Ajay, you win:

1. A Tester pack of completely organic and natural SLES free soaps from Prakriti Network
2. A copy of Sahil's brand new rocking Bhajan CD: I Belong to You (it will be the first copy!) that he has recorded exclusively for Prakriti Network. I don't have the photo of it yet, just got the master yesterday night :)

3. A very small, very cute and very elegant Bhagavad Geeta

Ajay, please contact me: khurshed@gmail.com and we will figure out how to get your prizes to you! :)

and thanks a lot everyone else for participating and making it such fun to launch a new blog!!

Jai Gurudeva!

ps some links on the Prakriti Network site still don't work... but not to worry, Sumeru Software is on to it! So, they should start working sometime real soon... right? everyone at Sumeru?! :)

Jai Gurudeva!


  1. HAhahaha.. Re-reading it :P kinda revision ;)
    YEHooooooooooo!! AJAY.. CONGRATS mann again :P
    So now its party time I guess :P :)

    Bau you are too sweet :P

    Jai Gurudeva! :)

  2. Frankly speaking.. I loved the Bhagwad Geeta :)
    Smart it is n yess Elegant too! ;)

  3. Congratulations, Ajay! Lovely prizes !

    Hey! "Comments" could be multiple statements in one posted Comment right ? ! (arguing for fun!) And, the Research Randomizer is super!

  4. You also ignored the Anons ! :)

  5. Smart way Bau..

    I missed this prize..............................

  6. dearest Bawa, great idea it was.
    Richa, Kola, Now What???, Ajay, Jyuthika and Me : "congrats :D"
    and Bawa, your taste (on gifting) is very nice. I have a nice mind to hang around your kutir on my birthday ;D