Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Starting Up!

Here are some preliminary steps that you could follow:

0. You are going to have decided on content and consistency before you start this. Also some ideas of names for your blog.

1. Download and install firefox 3 on your computer

1. Get yourself a personal gmail account and another gmail account which is basically your (my account for this blog is

2. Get a (digital) photo of yourself so you can use it on the various social networking sites you are going to join... Save it as a JPEG file of low quality (less than 300 kb file size)

3. Go to blogger and register yourself and your blog. Choose the minima template when asked for that. Now you will have a URL which you will need for the next few steps...

4. Get yourself registered on Orkut and Facebook, fill in all details, remember to upload your photo, and put in your blogger URL.

5. Now, go and register yourself on all these sites: twitter, Stumble Upon, digg, Delicious, Technorati, Reddit, Mixx There are many more, but these will do for a start. Remember to put your photo in as well as your blogger URL.

6. Finally open an account at picasa and/or photobucket

In the next post we will look into setting up your blogger blog, so that everything runs smoothly for you... You could already post an article or 2 onto your blog, play around with the colours etc and see what suits you. You could also try the looks of other templates, but please switch back to minima... coz all the customisation we will be doing and learning how to do, will be based on that template...

Jai Gurudeva!


  1. Jai Gurudev Bawaji!

    What a lovely blog and also a wonderful title. For this site, you may like to have the fonts that could make English alphabets looks like sanskrit. This can be downloaded from the site


  2. JGD

    I found a nice video tutorial for starting a blog:

    It is for Gujarati blog


  3. Jai Gurudeva Bau...
    As for whatever written bout the CONTENT of the blog in your previous post, is it necessary that for a blog to be gurudeva types, all the posts of the blog should be linked?? Coz i write about all random topics. Anything that clicks and is eagerly waiting on the brim of my mind to jump out. There are some good, some funny, playful and even some sad-sad posts n poems.

    And I have really had the benefit of having started to blog.
    Love you Bau...

    Shweta... :)
    Jai Gurudeva

  4. Your blog is your own... write what you please :)
    if you want me to read it... kepp it light and funny :)
    Jai Gurudeva !

  5. hye bau plz dont stop writing blog
    keep it up