Monday, July 21, 2008

The Header

The Header is perhaps the most distinctive part of your blog at first glance... So, spending some time on making a really nice header goes a long way in improving the look and feel of your blog.

Get rupal ( to design you a header. She will make it 1200 pixels wide. You may want to specify the height to her though. Also you will need to give her the colour code you entered for the outer wrapper background. Read about that here.

Of course you could design it yourself or download it from somewhere or whatever...

It should end up as a jgp file on your computer :)

Once you have it, it's very simple:

1. Click customize and get into page elements. Click the edit button on the header element. You will get a pop up like this:

So, choose the appropriate placement, and the shrink to fit button, upload the image there from your computer. Press Save and you are almost done usually.

View your blog... if the header seems a bit out of place, you may need to tweak the outer wrapper width values... (i will post how to do that in a few days, otherwise just play around with the code under edit HTML... it's quite easy to find the numbers you need to change, ALWAYS remember to download and keep a copy of your template, just in case things go wrong) if you like those 2 lines around the header (assuming you are using the minima template) leave them in, or simply change their colour to the background colour from the Layout/fonts and colour change page.

Here are the before and after images for Blog Sutras:

Jai Gurudeva!


  1. Bau,

    This is a soooper cool tip. The header did catch my fancy. Please don't stop posting...


  2. Hey Bau,
    You definitely have to try your hand at photoshop(if you already havent). There are some amazing stuff that can be done through it.

    Lovely header and website :D
    Keep it going :D

  3. I'm still finding it hard to make my blog look as brilliant as yours... Working by myself of course... Could you put up more tips please? And probably a url where we can go and really understand how this works... Also, can you tell me the secrets of earning on the blog?