Friday, August 1, 2008

And the (only) winner is...

Abhay Karnataki!!

Here are two of his posts that are really well written explaining how to put the RSS feed onto your blog and what entrecard is all about:

RSS Feed by Abhay
Entrecard by Abhay

Do remember to enable your RSS feed first and THEN your Entrecard

Congratulations Abhay...

btw, there is a MUCH easier way to get RSS on your blog... can anyone figure it out? :)

Also you can copy paste your Entrecard code into your sidebar, by Clicking on Layout > Add Page Element (on your sidebar) and choosing Add HTML/Javascript and simply pasting what you copied from Entrecard to it and saving it... you will then have Entrecard as a widget on your sidebar...

Jai Gurudeva!


  1. Both your links to RSS and Entrecard open to the same page . ??

  2. Thank you Bawa!!

    Danke Schon! (in German!)

    I Liked your stats counter.. I added it using the simpler method you showed here, of Add Page Element!

  3. Haaa... Finally figured out how the Entre-card works. I love the way it balances the ec economy! And also got RSS feeds for my blog. Bawa, I have joined Spread Firefox Campaign. When ppl click on the mozilla icon on my blog I get the affiliate points and they get Firefox...he he he!!!

    Can you pls shed some light on TAG CLOUDS and Google Custom Search?? Do they add any value to the blog?? Pls guide.

    Jai gurudeva!

  4. please give us some guide lines about search bar :)

  5. about comment block also (as in This blog) :)

  6. How to set the date and time in blogger to local date and time. The scheduling of posts is cumbersome and inaccurate otherwise.

  7. To set Local Date/Time in blogger is v easy: simply go to Dashboard > Settings > Formatting and scroll down... change the Timezone setting to the one you are in and you are done!

  8. hhaaha bau can't stop laughing.. Now I get it the ONLY winner hahahahahahahaha